Build Your Foundation for Next Season Now

Posted on Mar 5, 2017 in Practices, Technique

As this winter wrestling season winds down, the best wrestlers, and those looking to make a big jump, are already plotting for next year. They are building their plans now – before the satisfaction of their accomplishments or the sting of coming up short starts to fade away.

Wrestlers that have been on top know you start laying the foundation for next season’s success early in the offseason. And the best foundations are built on 3 pillars:

  1. SMART goal setting for next year and beyond.
  2. A well-structured strength improvement and nutrition plan
  3. A commitment to off-season wrestling, especially Olympic styles

SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. When you build a set of long-term, intermediate and short-term goals using the SMART methodology, you are creating a roadmap for success you can follow every day.

Strength improvement and nutrition go hand in hand but many wrestlers ignore one or both during the off-season. In general, the best wrestlers are exceptionally strong, lean and athletic. If you don’t have a focused approach to your strength and nutrition, you’ll never get there.

Participating in off-season practices, competitions or camps will make you a better wrestler. If you really want to supercharge your improvement, try freestyle or Greco Roman wrestling. Whether it’s new coaches, workout partners, a different competitive environment or a new style altogether, the change in perspective will help you jump levels.

Stay tuned if you want to start building your wrestling foundation for next season. I’ll break down each of these important areas for success in upcoming articles.