Caramihalis Memorial Youth Tournament

Posted on Feb 28, 2012 in Competitions, Wrestlers

Sunday 17 members of the Sharks competed in the Caramihalis Memorial Youth Tournament. They all showed great effort and sportsmanship. Eight of them placed in the top 4 of their respective weight class.

  • Carson Porter 1st
  • Jack Cole 2nd
  • Satchel Butterfield 2nd
  • Travis Soule 2nd
  • Jeremy Sendrowski 3rd
  • Malcolm Gartland 4th
  • Tate Harris 4th
  • Riley Harris 4th


  1. portland youth wrestlers are showing off the great coaching they have been reciving-this is a first class organization-thanks tony+dave!!shout out to travis soule on a awsome effort against a very good apponent-your gonna get him!!!!

  2. i love going to wrestling meets it is so much funn even if you dont win congrats to all my teammates on a good meet