Casco Bay Elite

Casco Bay Elite provides wrestlers with the skills, coaching, and experience they need to succeed at the elite levels of state, regional and national competition. There are 3 things that make Casco Bay Elite stand out for wrestlers that are serious about improving: Coaching, Competition and Philosophy. 

Casco Bay Elite 2017 Registration

2017 Team Flyer

Coaching Staff: The Casco Bay Elite coaching staff has had success competing at the college and international level. They have coached high school and college champions and know what it take to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

Jonathan Deupree: Assistant Coach, University of Southern Maine, 2X Northeast Region Champion and 2X NCAA Qualifier

Mike Morin: Head Coach, University of Southern Maine and 2X NCAA All-American

Peter Delev: Bulgarian Greco Roman National Champion

Tony Napolitano: Wrestled at the US Military Academy, Member of the All-Army Greco Roman team.

Competition: Our practice room brings together top caliber middle school, high school, and college wrestlers along with accomplished coaches that can push and challenge athletes at all levels. We also offer competition opportunities at events throughout the Northeast and overseas.

Philosophy: Our philosophy can be broken down into two simple tenets. First, the best indicators for success in all areas of life are a positive attitude and maximum effort. Wrestling is no different except that these two inputs may be even more important on the mat. The best wrestlers realize if they focus on the aspects of wrestling they can control the wins will take care of themselves.

Second, great wrestlers build their success on a foundation of essential skills, solid position and fundamental techniques. The best wrestlers in the world constantly hone these elements  and then add advanced techniques that complement their individual style. We help wrestlers build their foundation and develop their individual style so they can continuously improve.

Program: Team members receive coaching in the essential skills, techniques and tactics of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling as well as crossover skills and techniques in Folkstyle. Wrestlers will attend two team practices per week and compete in tournaments in Maine and northern New England. They will receive personal instruction and development plans they can follow throughout the year.

Casco Bay Elite 2017 Registration

2017 Team Flyer