Create angles to score more

Posted on Jul 26, 2010 in Practices, Technique

Many wrestlers with seemingly strong fundamentals have problems getting good shots and scoring from the neutral position. One of the issues I see that can keep young wrestlers from scoring effectively is a tendency to attack their opponent head on. Instead of squaring up to an opponent and attacking into the teeth of his defense, we want our wrestlers to create and attack from angles. Wrestlers that create angles can execute more explosive attacks, limit their opponent’s defense and have more success.

So, how should young wrestlers create angles to become more successful on their feet? First, use of motion and control positions is essential and effective. Basic inside control position with good motion can create all kinds of scoring opportunities by turning an opponent and disrupting his footwork.  There are many other holds wrestlers can combine with motion to create angles and great scoring opportunities. Some of our favorites include: arm drags, shucks, two on ones, Russian ties, underhooks, body locks and others.

Creating angles is also an effective way to finish a move. Whether the wrestler has a front headlock or is in on a high-crotch shot, working for that angle will put him in great position to score. From a front headlock, the attacking wrestler can shuck his opponent by or use an angle to work toward a near side cradle, ankle pick or another finish. The high-crotch wrestler will use the angle so he can lift and drive while avoiding his opponent’s sprawl.

Wrestlers that want to score more from their feet should work on these techniques while drilling and wrestling live in practice to find their best holds and situations.