Fall Wrestling Registration Open

Posted on Aug 9, 2015 in Technique



Registration is now open for the fall session of Casco Bay Elite. This session is designed to prepare wrestlers for their upcoming folkstyle season. Athletes will receive instruction on core skills, fundamental and advanced techniques, as well as match tactics and strategies. Practices will include technique instruction, drilling, live wrestling, strength and conditioning.

Fall 2015 Casco Bay Elite Registration Form

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Our philosophy can be broken down into two simple tenets:

First, the best indicators for success in all areas of life are a positive attitude and maximum effort. Wrestling is no different except that these two inputs may be even more important on the mat. The best wrestlers realize if they focus on the aspects of wrestling they can control the wins will take care of themselves.

Second, great wrestlers build their success on a foundation of essential skills, solid position and fundamental techniques. The best wrestlers in the world constantly hone these elements of their game and then add advanced techniques that complement their individual style. We will help wrestlers build their foundation and develop their individual style so they can continuously improve.


Wrestlers that train with Casco Bay Elite work with a diverse and accomplished coaching staff. Our coaches have trained, competed and had success in all levels of wrestling including college and international level competition. Additionally, University of Southern Maine wrestlers often prepare for their season by training with us. This provides an incredibly competitive training environment for middle school and high school wrestlers.