Football players – where you at?

Posted on Oct 19, 2010 in Competitions, Practices, Wrestlers

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There may not be a better pair of complementary sports in all of athletics than football and wrestling. At least that’s my experience as an athlete that played both sports and what I’ve heard from college coaches, NFL players and world caliber wrestlers. Great football players and wrestlers share many athletic attributes, skills and a warrior’s mindset.

Unfortunately, many young football players I’ve talked to opt to spent their winters lifting weights or “taking a break” and miss out on the best off-season training program around – a season on the wrestling mat. Here are some of the things wrestlers develop that will help them on the football field:

  • Quick feet and balance for blocking, cutting and breaking tackles
  • Explosiveness for getting off the ball fast, tackling and breaking tackles
  • Powerful upper body and hand fighting skills for blocking, shedding blocks and fighting for the ball
  • Strong hands and arms for stripping the football, catching the football, and not fumbing
  • A mentality for dominating the one-on-one match ups on every play

These are just a few of the ways wrestling can help football players improve and succeed on field. Check out the articles and video below for a cool football v. wrestling matchup the University of Nebraska and more information about how these sports can work together to help you excel in both.

Here’s a agility, strength and conditioning workout at Iowa State. Looks like good football work too, right?

Check out the head coach of Nebraska Wrestling taking on a Nebraska football player on his own turf.

This is a must read article about wrestling contributing to the success of high school football players in Ohio.

From the Gridiron to the Wrestling Matt

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