Open Mat Practice at West Point

Posted on May 2, 2010 in Practices, Technique

UPDATE – Sorry, I messed up the video link when I first posted this. It should work now.

I found this video of an open mat practice from my old team and couldn’t resist posting it for you to see. It’s not just an ego trip for me, however. You can learn a lot about proper drilling and fundamental technique by watching these guys practice.

Notice the head action with inside position and motion as they set up their shots. Notice the kind of shots they are taking and the way they finish. Also watch their shot defense as they stuff the attackers head and spin behind. I especially like to watch them re-shooting once they have stopped their opponent.

Finally, watch the temp of their drilling. They aren’t going all out but they aren’t going in slow motion either. Instead they work at pace that allows them to hit their moves smoothly and with proper form.