Pre-Season Training Plan

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 in Motivation, Practices, Technique

With about 12 weeks left before wrestling season, it’s time to build on your spring/summer training and make a final push to get ready for the season. There are many options for pre-season training based on a wrestler’s experience and goals but they should all address the following areas:

Strength: High school athletes should perform full-body weigh lifting programs at high intensity. For youth wrestlers, a regular full-body routine of body weight exercises at moderate intensity is appropriate.

Speed: Use explosive exercises like Olympic lifts, plyometrics and running drills to increase your speed on and off the mat.

Quickness/Agility: Quick feet kill. Jump rope, do agility ladders and other quickness drills to improve your footwork and takedowns.

Flexibility: Increased flexibility makes you faster, stronger and less prone to injury. Work at it every day.

Fundamental Skills: USA Wrestling identifies 7 basic skills. Work until you master all 7 and then work at them some more.

Winning Positions: Wrestling matches are full of common positions. Learn them, get comfortable wrestling in them and figure out how to win them.

Winning Situations: Identify important match situations, develop your plans and tactics for winning them.

Goal Setting: This is the perfect time to evaluate your goals and refine them for the coming season. Aim high, set intermediate goals and build your plan.