Proper base position

Posted on Apr 26, 2010 in Practices, Technique

Most of the wrestlers I’ve worked with seem to miss one of the most important fundamentals of successful wrestling from bottom position – a solid base. Time and again I see athletes with their weight forward on their hands, heads down and ankles open while working for their escape or reversal.

We want our wrestlers to wrestle from a more upright base position with hips under shoulders and covering the ankles, head up and hands off the mat fighting for inside position and hand control. Of course, the hands will post on the mat to counter top pressure and execute moves. However, it’s nearly impossible to move successfully from bottom without establishing a solid base position first.

One of our favorite drills to work on that base position is called “be a rock.” The top wrestler can use leg drive, hips and any breakdowns to get the bottom wrestler broken down to the mat. The bottom wrestler only has to maintain his base by working for hand control, scooting his hips and posting off his hands to regain balance. More advanced wrestlers can hit an escape or reversal at the finishing whistle.