Pull Up Challenge

High school wrestlers: Complete 2500 pull-ups between now and November 19, 2010

Youth wrestlers: Complete 1000 pull-ups between now and January 21, 2011

Here are the final results of our pull-up challenge. Congratulations to all of you that reached your goal!

Carson Porter (youth challenge) – 1296 pull ups (goal reached)

Zack Elowitch (youth challenge) – 1000 pull ups (goal reached)

Max Heller –  (High School challenge) – 2729 pull ups (goal reached)

Jacob Bigelow (High School challenge) – 2686 pull ups (goal reached)

Chris Pike (High School challenge) – 2500 pull ups (goal reached)

Special Note: Carson Porter has accepted a challenge to do 1500 push ups before January 22 and has completed that challenge.