Remembering Garrett Cormier

The Portland wrestling community lost a friend and teammate this week when Garrett Cormier, age 16, passed away in an automobile accident. Garrett, who had just finished his sophomore year, was a member of the Portland High School wrestling team, formerly wrestled on the Portland Middle School team and frequently made time  to work with members of the Portland Youth wrestling team.

Garrett was a fearless competitor on the mat. He approached every match with an intensity and drive that made his love of the sport obvious to all who watched. Garrett had many other wonderful qualities as well. His loyalty to his brother, Patrick, and other teammates will be missed. So will his wonderful sense of humor and caring personality that made him especially popular among our youth wrestlers.

Garrett will be missed by everyone involved with Portland wrestling and remembered fondly as we strive to become better wrestlers, teammates and members of the community. His memory can help us approach every match with more intensity, trying situations with a sense of humor and personal relationships with more caring.